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Cowzy Milk A2 cow milk is produced from pure Indian breed cows that are grazed in the forest. They graze medicinal herbs, natural grass, and leaves. They give us delicious and healthy milk. The hump on the back of the cow absorbs the sunlight and produces minerals in the milk and helps to improve the quality of milk. A2 cow milk is essential for people of all ages, especially for growing childrens. It helps the overall development of body and brain development. We wash our cows daily and ensure that they live in a clean and healthy environment. We do not use growth hormones to increase production of milk. Our A2 cow milk is natural and pure.

Health benefits of A2 Milk

Easy to digest

The amino acid present in the A2 milk helps to digest milk protein easily and also boost kidney health.

Reduces acidity

Vitamins in A2 milk reduce acidity and help to refine stomach health.

Rich in vitamins

A2 milk contains a good source of vitamin A, B2, B3, and minerals.

Improves immunity

Regular drinking A2 milk boosts the immunity level in the body to fight against diseases.

Reduces chances of cancer

A2 milk reduces chances of skin, breast, and colon cancer.

A2 cow milk contains a special protein called A2 type beta casein protein, which helps to stay strong and healthy. A2 cow milk is produced only from pure cow breeds. We believe in consuming fresh milk. Our A2 milk tastes better and rich in minerals and vitamins as compared to processed milk. Our main motive is to deliver fresh A2 milk directly from the cow to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

It is not just about producing quality and natural milk from the cows. It is all about their happiness. If cows are happy, they produce better quality milk. When cows graze naturally in the open environment, they are very healthy. Grazing cows in the open environment not only keeps cows healthy but also gives us nutrition rich milk. We feed natural fodder and cattle feed that is free from growth hormone, preservatives, and antibiotics.

Everything you need to know about A2 milk

A2 milk is known for its digestive benefits and creamy taste. A2 milk has a variety of benefits to keep your health on track.

For many milk drinkers, good milk is all about taste and there is no disappointment when it comes to A2 milk. A2 milk is generally beneficial to overall health. The difference between regular milk and A2 milk is that regular milk contains both A1 And A2 beta casein on the other hand A2 milk only contains A2 beta casein. A1 milk may trigger certain diseases whereas A2 milk is beneficial for health.

A2 milk is lactose free milk. A2 Milk, you can get all important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help to maintain the overall health and wellness of you and your family.
A2 milk Easy to digest Treats obesity, Prevent chronic ailments, Contains cerebrosides, Nutrient and colostrum dense.

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