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Our milk is safe & healthy

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A2 Milk

A2 Cow Milk Suppliers Ludhiana: At Cowzy Milk, you get A2 Milk from Healthy, 100% original Indian breed cows, who are specially grazed. Their daily diet includes things like medicinal herbs, green pastures, leaves, and much more that help in providing the best A2 Milk.

In our A2 Milk, you get essential minerals that are help maintain the overall wellness of you and your family. If you are lactose intolerant, then you can switch to A2 Milk, as it’s easy to digest and helps you enhance your immunity as well.

The biggest advantage of going with Cowzy Milk is, you get unprocessed milk every single time, as we believe that all-natural milk is perfect for our customers and their health.

Cow Milk

Cow Milk Suppliers Ludhiana: Are you looking for all-natural cow milk that gives you exceptional taste and health benefits? Well, your search is over. Cowzy Milk is here to help you with cow milk that is completely natural as no hormones are given to the cows for their growth.

Cows rely completely on fully natural products such as forest-based natural pastures, leaves, and herbs and sunlight for adding minerals to the milk and.

No antibiotic-treated cow milk is produced at Cowzy Milk, you only get all-natural cow milk that will help you take your health to the next stage.

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Customers Reviews

Me & my family were facing an allergies with our regular milk, that’s when we came to know about Cowzy milk, and it’s been 6 months now Cowzy Milk is supplying us A2 Milk daily. We have seen significant benefits and positives in our health since then.
Rahul Sharma
We are highly satisfied with the overall quality of Cowzy milk. Not just the milk but they are exceptional with their customer service. I wish you all the luck with your venture and success for the future
Gursewak Singh:
We tried A2 milk and Cow milk from other such service providers, but after getting the same from Cowzy Milk we understand the difference in quality and the real benefits that good quality milk can bring to you. Do give them a try.
Sakshi Mehra:

Frequently Asked Question!

At Cowzy Milk, our main motive is to serve our customers with high-quality and all-natural cow milk. More than that we are here to build a name, on which everyone can trust. 

People will hear the name “Cowzy Milk”, and will say “If it’s from Cowzy Milk then it’s surely all-natural. 

We have developed a few guidelines which we never break in-term of cow milk quality and customer services. We follow a farm-to-home concept where our machines and technology integrations help us to get cow milk hygienically. A precise checkup test is carried forward to understand if the milk is all-natural or not. Once figured out, the milk is sent for further processes. 

We believe in a special formula of properly grazing & Caring of cows, that in-return gives us natural milk.

At Cowzy Milk you get A2 Milk and Cow Milk. Our A2 MIlk, you get minerals that are helpful for the overall wellness of you and your family. 

The biggest advantage of dealing with Cowzy Milk is, you get unprocessed milk every single time, as we believe that all-natural milk is perfect for our customers and their health. 

Our cow milk is completely natural, and no hormones are given to the cows for their growth. Cows rely completely on all-natural products such as sunlight for adding minerals to the milk and forest-based natural grass, leaves, and herbs.

At Cowzy Milk our main goal is to offer fresh milk which is derived using all natural processes without any type of addition. 

A complete milk production checkup is done, that helps us know if the cow milk is completely natural or has added products/chemicals. 

Cowzy Milk offers A2 Milk & Cow Milk and both of them come with all-natural ingredients and are rich in minerals. 

We produce our own fodder which is free of chemicals, secondly we also offer oil cakes that help in adding more minerals to the milk.


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