Avoid These Simple Mistakes While Storing Milk in Your Refrigerators.

Avoid These Simple Mistakes While Storing Milk in Your Refrigerators.

Avoid these mistakes while storing milk in the fridge

We usually store our milk in the fridge to let it cool after boiling it. Usually, the milk cools down and is safe to consume for your evening tea or coffee. But there are some common mistakes we end up making while storing milk. These mistakes sometimes render the milk and its fats unusable and inedible.

You should consider a lot of things while storing milk. These practices not only are beneficial for the milk, but also for the other foods stored in the refrigerator.

There are some specific things we will discuss which will help you to store milk in the fridge properly. These things are:

  • Store the milk at the best temperature around 2.7 degree Celsius. If the temperature goes above 4 degrees Celsius, the chances of the growth of harmful bacteria will increase. 
  • Always store the milk at the back of the lower portion shelf in a fridge. That’s the ideal place for the refrigerator due to the colder temperatures in it.
  • Milk must be kept back in the fridge right away after use. 
  • Shut the fridge door. Keeping the fridge open while searching for food is bad for everything inside the fridge. Opening the door and taking or storing the food faster will keep your food in the fridge safe. It is also the same with milk.

Things not to do while storing milk

There are a lot of things one should refrain from doing if you have food, especially milk, stored in your refrigerator. You can store over a gallon of milk, which is 3.7 liters. Here are the things not to do while storing mile in the refrigerator:

  • Never store milk on the door side since it is the ideal place for non-perishable food. Milk, however, is a perishable food.
  • Never buy milk at first in a grocery store. The longer the milk is exposed to the hot environment, it will grow more dangerous bacteria.
  • Never keep the milk outside the fridge for long after its usage.

Freezing is another option for storing the milk in the refrigerator for a long. You should use a plastic jug for this purpose. You should freeze the milk before it expires. To defrost it, keep the frozen milk in the fridge and let it come down to its liquid form. Thawed milk will be grainy in its looks due to the separation of fat molecules. Shake the milk or put it in a blender to make it fine for consumption. Thawed milk, however, has a shorter shelf life than normally stored milk. Hence, you should consume thawed milk within three days.

Storing milk in the refrigerator ensures its safety and consumability. However, one must take care of certain things to do so. If milk is not stored properly, it will be good for nothing. These practices to store milk in the fridge will be very much helpful in the future.

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