How Should You Milk a Cow With a Milking Machine

How Should You Milk a Cow With a Milking Machine

How Should You Milk a Cow With a Milking Machine

We Indians are well known to milk our cows with our hands. We ensure the cows are happy and well-bred before they milk the cow. We don’t even use a Milking Machine for these kinds of purposes. But if you don’t know how to milk a cow, you can use this machine to get fresh Cow milk.

Dairy producers are dependent on cows for their ingredients. Milk is an essential commodity used domestically and commercially at a significant level. The best Daily Plant Manufacturer equips himself with new information and equipment. It helps him to grow further in the dairy industry and ensure better quality products for his customers.

A cow milking machine is becoming an essential piece of equipment in the dairy industry nowadays. It eliminates the need for cow milkers, ensuring better quality and quantity of milk. 

You can have any kind of cow milking machine depending upon the number of cows in your shed. You can have individual devices in the case of two cows. Big dairies use more big and complex machines consisting of extensive piping, which goes from a milking parlor to an enormous milk tank. 

Methods of using cow milking machines are the same as standard, irrespective of size. Here are the steps for the same given below:

  1. Check the Machine before use: Always ensure monthly maintenance of your machine. It will be suitable for your machine in the long run. 
  2. Attach all tubes and caps to the machine: Connect all the tubes properly. If not correctly connected, they won’t be able to create a vacuum seal. 
  3. Have the cow stand in her stanchion with some feed: Regular milking schedule will help a cow know her stanchion position.
  4. Clean the Udder well: The teats should be cleaned thoroughly and gently with sanitized towels or tissues. Move your hands in a downward position.
  5. Dip the teats with iodine solution: Dip them in 70% of the iodine solution for a few minutes. Wipe off the remaining iodine with a tissue or cloth gently. 
  6. Hook up the Vacuum line to the vacuum port and turn on the milker.
  7. Add the teat cups one at a time.
  8. Check to see the milk flow in the bucket.
  9. Remove the cups when the milk flow slows down to a stop.
  10. Turn off the machine and remove the bucket below the cow’s rib cage.

This process can be repeated with other cows afterward. You just need to make sure that the machine is cleaned after use each time. Thus you can ensure better quality and quantity of milk with the milking machine.

Technology has progressed a lot. So has techniques in the dairy industry. Cow milking machines have just made milk processing relatively easier, contributing a lot to our country’s economy. Hence, you should also get a milking machine to ensure better milk production.

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