Our Processes

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Fodder grown at the farm

Organic Cow Milk Ludhiana: At our farm we grow all natural grass and chemical free fodder that adds a lot of nutritional values in the body of our cows. 

No pesticide and fertilizers

We do not offer pesticides & fertilisers to generate fodder or cattle feed to our cows. It enhances the overall milk quality & quantity.

Fodder fed to the cows

Cows have their fodder along with oil cakes and natural supplements that are going to enhance the overall health of our cows. That directly helps in getting a better final outcome. 

No hormones given

We don’t use hormones to enhance the growth of our cows. We believe in all-natural means that helps us positively in providing quality milk to our customers.

Cows are milked

Cows are milked

All-new technology integrations are used to hygienically get our cows milked.

Milk is cooled to 4°c

A super-cool system is used to cool down the milk till 4 degree celsius.

Milk is packed and delivered

Milk is packed and delivered

In the final step the milk is packed and then delivered to the customers.