Types of milk and which milk is suitable for our body?

Types of milk and which milk is suitable for our body?


Dairy products are an essential part of our diets, from an infant to older ones. Dairy products are necessary in everybody’s life. Milk is the most consumed of all dairy products. Nowadays, big farms deliver milk in packets to our groceries shops and from these shops to our houses. Cow Milk delivery in Ludhiana is widespread. Every household needs it. Delivery milk is emerging as a business. 

As mentioned delivering milk is a business nowadays, so the Cow Milk Cost in Ludhiana is around 55 INR TO 60 INR per packet. It is a hugely profitable business. But do you know that there are different types of milk are there? Which affects our bodies differently.  

Types of milk:

There are four types of milk: whole milk, also known as full-fat milk. Reduced fat milk is milk that only contains 2% of the fat of total weight. Low-fat milk is milk that only has 0.5 % of the fat of its total weight, and the last is fat-free milk which is completely fat-free and consumed by the person on a low-calorie diet.

What is A1 milk? 

A1 Milk is the most common cow milk that is consumed every day. A1 dairy is abundantly present all over the world. A1 milk consists of A1 beta-casein. 

What is A2 milk? 

It is also a common form of milk consumed all over the world. It is just another type of milk.A2 milk consists of A2 beta-casein. Buffalo’s milk is considered A2 milk. 

In these terms, A2 milk is different from A1 milk.

The difference is minimal from just the amount of protein in A1 and A2 milk. A2 milk has higher protein properties. Most of the athletes choose A2 milk because A2 milk is easier to digest than A1 milk. The inflammatory properties of A2 milk are very less as compared to A1 milk. A person who consumes the a1 type milk is more like to have type 1 diabetes or heart disease. 

Choosing the proper milk is crucial.

A person having difficulty digesting milk-based products like ice cream and cottage cheese is like to have lactose intolerance. That should be taken note of immediately, and should consult a doctor. The lactose tolerance capacity of everybody is different. Some bodies adapt A1 type and some A2 type. You can find the right kind of milk for your body by consulting a doctor, and if you have lactose intolerance, the doctor will also suggest the best milk for your body as well.


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