What are the components which make milk healthy in our diet? How is milk delivery becoming an emerging business?

What are the components which make milk healthy in our diet? How is milk delivery becoming an emerging business?

Milk is crucial for bone health.

Milk is becoming an essential component of everyone’s diet. This is one of the most consumed products by every age group for nutrients and vitamins. As it also promotes the bone health of the individual. Nowadays, people prefer to have packed milk because it is easily available in the market and also it is fresh and hygienic and is not touched by hand. There are many companies that provide Cow Milk delivery in Ludhiana with a promise of delivering the best quality and sterile milk. 

The packed milk cost depends upon the cattle feed cost, which impacts the production of milk in dairy farms, and to bear that cost, the price of packed milk is increased in comparison to the previous year’s cost. Currently, Cow Milk Cost in Ludhiana is Rs 60 INR per litre. If we look at last year’s statistics, the cost of cow milk is increasing every three to six months.  

What components make milk so essential for a healthy life: 


Only 13% consists of essential minerals and vitamins, and the remaining 87% consists of water. The presence of water in milk helps in extracting the unhealthy substance in milk through urine.  


There is 3 to 4 percent fat present in milk, which helps in growing organisms and is a good source of energy intake. 

Lactose and minerals: 

It is also known as milk sugar. It helps in absorbing minerals and also promotes the growth of good bacteria. Around 4.8% of lactose is present in fresh milk or bovine milk. The magnesium present in the milk promotes physiological functions like maintaining normal nerve and muscle function.  

Here is the list of nutritions present in milk: 


In the form of vitamin D helps in promoting bone health. This is the primary function performed by milk in our bodies. Also, the main reason for doctors suggesting milk for children is to promote strong and healthy growth of bones. Milk is also beneficial for people who face a deficiency of calcium in their bodies. 


Other products made of milk, like yoghurt, cheese, paneer, etc., promote the growth of infants and tissues in adults as Proteins are an essential source of amino acids like tryptophan and lysine. 


Vitamins like B12 and B2 help gain more potent bones, whereas Vitamins like A and D promote eyes and skin to grow healthier. 

How is milk delivery emerging as a renowned business nowadays?

There are very few people who prefer going to a dairy for milk, as in today’s lifestyle; nobody has time to go to the farm early in the morning to have milk. They quickly get packed milk delivered to their doorstep. This also saves their time. The cattle farms also prefer to provide milk to milk packaging companies who supply processed milk which makes their process also hustle free, now their work is only to do cattle farming. Now their stress of supplying milk to customers is totally cut off. The milk delivering companies provide fresh, nutritious and hygienic milk very quickly. 


To have hygienic and packed milk full of nutritions you can prefer Cowzy Milk as your milk provider for a healthy life.